Superior Siding

Although roofing is our last name, Valiant Roofing employs a team of siding professionals who can help your home look its best and protect it from the elements. We can install all kinds of home exterior siding.

That includes traditional wood clapboard and shingles as well as modern home siding. Maintenance-free home siding like vinyl looks just like wood but doesn’t need to be repainted. It won’t rot, crack or splinter.

Free Inspections and No-Obligation Estimates

Whether your home’s siding is getting old and suffering from rot, or if you are just sick and tired of the hassle and expense of exterior painting, call us for a free inspection and estimate. Because we’re a family-owned business based right here in Wisconsin, we’ll give you prompt service and trustworthy advice. We will stand by our work.

Siding Storm Damage

If your home’s siding has been damaged by hail, wind or other types of weather, your replacement costs will likely be covered by your home insurance policy. In most cases, insurers will pay for everything but your deductible. We can help you fill out all the paperwork you need to provide your insurer so you can get your project completed quickly and professionally.

Our experts can explain the pros and cons of maintenance-free house siding and traditional siding. Unlike shady fly-by-night operators who come and go, we won’t move on to the next storm-ravaged area after we complete work on your home. As a family-based company here in Wisconsin, we are here to stay. We stand behind our work and will always be here for you.


There is no painting or scraping so your new siding will truly be maintenance free. Each piece of siding flows into the next with smooth, locked edges, so you have a seamless, perfect exterior.


Our history of product ingenuity ensures your project will be executed with the most reliable and affordable solutions on the market. From roofing to gutters to siding, we’ve honed in on the ideal products that work together to protect your home for a lifetime.