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Free, no-obligation roof inspections in greater Milwaukee

Whether your roof has been damaged by a hailstorm, windstorm or some other natural event or it is simply starting to show signs of its age, putting off a roof repair is no time to procrastinate.

Yes, a roof replacement can be expensive. But doing nothing and letting the problem slide can cause damage to your home’s interior and structural components. That will cost you even more to repair in the end. And if your roof has been damaged by an adverse weather event, most home insurance policies will cover repair or replacement, minus your deductible.

Local Pride and Service

It’s smart to act quickly if you need a roof repair or replacement. At the same time, you need to act thoughtfully. This is no time to panic and hire some quick-buck operator who will be here today and be gone tomorrow. When you use a local Wisconsin company like Valiant Roofing, you can be sure we will be here for you today, tomorrow and for the long term.

Free Expert Estimates

Whether your roof has been damaged by a storm or is just beginning to wear out, the first thing you will need is a roof repair estimate. Although there is a place for high-tech approaches like drones, technology still can’t beat close inspection by a trained roof repair cost estimator.

Our roofing professionals will get up on your roof and make a close inspection, looking for torn shingles, water intrusion, water stains and other telltale signs of trouble. Your free, no-obligation inspection will also include an assessment of wear based on the age of your roof.

After the inspection, we’ll provide a written estimate based on labor and the materials you want to use. If you are filing a wind or roof hail damage claim, we will even help you with the paperwork, helping to ensure you get prompt payment from your insurer and full value for your insurance money.

If you wish to schedule a free inspection or have insurance roof replacement questions, just call or email us. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to provide helpful answers.